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What Is Tax Products Pr1 Sbtpg Llc? I want to know how these people have gotten away with this for so long? What would you like to ask? Taxpayer Alert: DO NOT VERIFY YOUR OWN CHECK Check cashing institutions will not cash a check that has already been verified. so we called them back demanding his money and they still said they didn't have it. Why do I login and see a blank dashboard? As named by Santa Barbara Tax Products Group, Pay-By-Refund is a service directly for the taxpayers and facilitates the tax professionals & tax service providers as they can offer different options to their clients. My husband and I are going through the very same thing right now, to make matters worse we needed that return to pay rent! Send form again. Health expert & coach, former overweight and prediabetic. It is offensive or harmful. Reddit's home for tax geeks and taxpayers! That's my next stop first thing in the morning. The headquarters of the company is in Austin, Texas. They are false advertising. However, we have enlisted the products offered by TPG. SBTPG receives your funds from the IRS at one of their two banks, subtracts the fees, then sends the rest on to your bank. Products We make tax time easy Checking on your refund? How will my tax refund appear on my bank statement? The first stimulus payments are expected to reach taxpayers bank accounts starting march 17 and the irs expects to deliver. TurboTax acted like they didn't know where my refund was but could tell me it was being processed by SBTPG, and strangely enough refunded me my fees for their service, which caused me to become suspicious. I get a check from University Bank aka Santa Barbara Tax Products Group. Send form. Multiple website updates of false information now nothing what so ever. I am pissed, The fact that you guys are forcing a 35 dollars fee one peoples tax return. Source: that we would get back after her fees had been taken out. I called them on the 6th and they told me to fax a change of account form along with my and husband's ID, SS card and a voided check. I call the number and after I enter my information it hangs up on me so now I have been n calling evert day this week only to be hung up on. Get Fax receipt. That intermediary company receives the refund from the IRS, subtracts the fees, then sends the rest to your bank account (or card.). Tax Products PE4 SBTPG is the bank that processes. The direct deposit came from "tax products pe1 sbtpg llc." This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. So if the IRS says I don't owe anything, and state officials say I don't owe anything, then where did the other $934 go? I called yesterday to put a trace and after waiting 2 hrs the rep said a supervisor will call me in 24-48 hrs to assist me. This comment was posted by a verified customer. Green Dot Corporation and its wholly owned subsidiary bank, Green Dot Bank, are focused exclusively on serving Low and Moderate Income American families with modern, fair and feature-rich financial products and services, including prepaid cards, checking accounts and cash processing services distributed through a network of some 100,000 retail stores, neighborhood financial service centers and via digital channels. I've been into my account and see that I don't owe anything to them. They sent it back to sbtpg . The remaining refund is transferred to you through the payment method that you had specified when choosing a pay-b-refund option. Missing thousands of dollars.. was only Direct Deposited $450 vs $4,000+ 7 5 103,481 Reply. How do I contact Santa Barbara Tax Products Group (SBTPG)?. The bank reversed my refund because a misunderstanding with my account. Tax products pe1 sbtpg LLC Here is what it means Last Updated by Chris June 7, 2021 Do not confuse tax products pe1 with tax products pe3. I would say TurboTax might be more guilty in this as theyre using their customers and selling them this horrible product. You bunch of greedy bas***d. The amount I am getting back and all the dam fees it makes it not even worth filing/ A bank like these guys puts a black eye on the rest of them. TAX PRODUCTS PR1 SBTPG LLC PPD Post to Facebook Post to Twitter Subscribe me Can you help us by answering one of these related questions? After doing a bit of looking around, I tracked it back to Santa Barbara Tax Products Group. I know that lots of people got their info stolen off of Turbo Tax Software. Clients need money in a hurry? At years end 2022 TPG website no longer shows my refund on the site. No to mention the hours of waiting on hold to speak to some incompetent agent with no answers. What is tax products pe2? There is a SERIOUS problem with SBTPG! So I finally get on the phone today and risk going over my lunch hour (total call length 49 minutes counting hold times) These cookies help provide information on metrics the number of visitors, bounce rate, traffic source, etc. @Ortizj49tkd If you see a transaction listed as Tax Product PE2, typically that refers to the amount you paid TurboTax to prepare your return. Go back and review your return. Why? Even many clients have concerns that the refund is less even after deduction of the tax fees. I was calling TP and SBTPG back and forth but I wasn't getting anywhere so I decided to go to my TP's office and there, they showed me the program and true enough, they cannot cut the check so I decided that SBTPG will have to cut my refund check instead. Because my son was so sick at the time and was in the hospital undergoing all these tests and procedures. From the analysis of most cases, the common reasons that can be identified are: The advance refundable tax credits that youre paid in advance against your future tax returns. Get setup in 4 steps Purchase software - purchase tax preparation software from a company that is integrated with TPG (see list below) Enroll with TPG - complete the enrollment application through your tax preparation software or software provider's website Receive confirmation - TPG will notify you by email once we have received your information. Call IRS customer service toll-free at 1-800-829-1040 M - F 7am - 7pm local time and speak with a representative. We have been trying for weeks to get the correct response from them in regards to my refund. AT this point I'm going off. The bank receives your refund, takes out the fees and sends the rest of the refund to you. I received an ACH deposit into my checking account from Tax. I know it's 2016. This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. Tax withholding with one company was around $1,200, and the salary was around $15,000. Source: Santa Barbara Tax Products Group is used to process your refund when you . I HAVE found a lot of complaints about TAX PRODUCTS PE1 SBTPG LLC who you do business with . This will surely increase the credibility of your complaint. Fond of real science, real food, sunshine, innate immune system and natural health. Although, this can happen to anyone, even filing a direct return to IRS. TurboTax gives you an estimated date for receiving your refund based on a 21 day average from your date of acceptance, but it can take longer. When IRS adjusts her W4, she will be entitled to a lower refund than she actually thinks. Community Experts online right now. Step 2: File the tax return The tax return will include TPG's info so the IRS and/or the state will know where to send the tax refund. What Are TPG Products, and What Is It Stand For? By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. Santa Barbara Tax. Sbtpg Com Check Verificationcom show that sbtpg. Its clear that the feds sent you less back than you expected. TPG took 6 months to return the funds to the IRS and gave me a Green DOT yet the IRS still hasnt received any funds from them what so ever. Santa Barbara Tax Products Group-they are the company that processes the refund whenever you choose to have your TurboTax fees deducted from your federal. Any updates. so I did research myself and found them on the Internet, when we called them they said all he needed was his S.S, I.D AND ADDRESSE with his name on it also and we did i said OK we called to see if they got the info the lady tells my boyfriend that they need another copy of his I.D and S.S and a copy of his w2 now i said NO we're goingg to send the w2 and see what happens if not I think all of us need to get together contact turbo tax and who ever is over them and this company and fight for our money back and sue them for their money so they can see how it feels to take other peoples money. 2010-2023 Santa Barbara Tax Products Group, all rights reserved. Other uncategorized cookies are those that are being analyzed and have not been classified into a category as yet. Although founded in 1991, the company became a Green Dot Company in 2014. Notice. And was I charged an additional fee? I originally filed on Feb. 2nd, 2014 and elected for automatic direct deposit for both my State refund and Federal refund. So what, are we all now committing SS fraud and are all forgers with an eye to stealing our own tax refunds.. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Well today rolls around (2/11/14) and nothing. The IRS processed and funded my refund and somehow my bank returned it. what was this deposit for? SBTPG responded quiclky with a phone number. Solved: What do TAX PRODUCTS PE4 SBTPG LLC means?. The first stimulus payments are expected to reach taxpayers' bank accounts starting March 17, and the IRS expects to deliver most stimulus payments within the next 3 weeks. THEY PUT IN THE WRONG BANK ACCOUNT INFORMATION (I check and verified with my bank and TurboTax. The IRS processed and funded my refund and somehow my bank returned it. A deposit was added to my account by TAX PRODUCTS PE3 for. Symptom-free COVID "survivor". - get all this in via mail and I'm called on 2/27 that they need my WIFE's DL and SSL since she's on the taxes (forget that the SLL is already in the tax forms I gave them) The IRS started sending the third Economic Impact Payments to eligible individuals on March 12, 2021. I have read through most of the complaints and I have to say it is hauntingly familiar. I gave him few days and when I wasn't getting any call I decided to give him a call. Don't post questions related to that here, please. The company identifies itself as a consumer-friendly service provider with fair pricing. Then SBTPGs bank sends the rest of the Federal refund to your bank account. After doing a bit of looking around, I tracked it back to Santa Barbara Tax Products Group. I am still waiting as well. Thursday - No check - ok call again, spend my lunch hour on hold, no human. IRS indicates payments will not be issued to TPG. I WILL NEVER USE TURBO TAX AGAIN. DO NOT USE TURBOTAX OR SBTPG!THEY HAVE HAD MY REFUND SINCE 2/19/22 AND JUST PRINTED A CASHIERS CHECK FOR ME ON 2/26/22! Deferred Tax Liability: Definition, Example, And Calculation, Deferred Tax Assets Definition, Example, and Why the Deferred Tax Asset Arises, What is Deferred Tax? When they do not read the terms & conditions carefully or do not understand the right way of doing things, it can lead to frustration. Tax Products PE4 SBTPG is the bank that processes your refund that it receives from the IRS to deduct your fees and then send it on to your bank. Timing depends on when the IRS or State releases the refund to Republic Bank. Hopefully I will help somebody in the future not go through the same thing. They recommend we get it cashed at WALMART?!? We faxed all the documents liked they asked and they said his SS card was tampered with.. HAHA very funny it was still attached to the paper they send it in the mail attached to. Now I need to wait two or three weeks for a new card before I can re-apply for MY REFUND while they hold it. The tax software provides simplified and quick tax return filing without needing to understand all the complicated terms of IRS, Federal, and State taxes. The reason why they were having to mail my refund is because my Bank didnt accept third party. The IRS will send you a letter of explanation when your refund is less than you expected you can also get this information by looking up your refund at the IRS Wheres My Refund page.. June 4, 2019 3:05 PM What is tax products pe2? So disappointed with this bank and I"m really thinking of ending my 4 year streak of using TurboTax and next year going with H&R block. Performance cookies are used to understand and analyze the key performance indexes of the website which helps in delivering a better user experience for the visitors., I used sbtpg through turbotax my tax return was sent to their bank in sept 23 2014 they say there was something that they didnt see right so they decided to denie it and return it to irs here a year later irs still clames that they never received it back after several attempts to contact them and getting nowhere with very rude employees im lost here as in what to do next its ben a year and sbtpg still has my money. TPG stated theyve mailed a refund check which was never received. I got email telling me "In order to finalize your request for this payment option, we need to send the following information to: I asked when I should expect to see it in my checking account .. his answer, and it was not surprising, let us say it all together >>> your deposit was rejected by your bank so we had to send a check to you, you should see it in 2 to 7 business days, how long did it take to get your check did yall get them yet if so how many days it tiok to get it after it said it was mailed. Here's the . This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. Lets discuss a case of multiple jobs. Login instructions - creating your TPG account. Mary has received a lower refund than expected because each employer calculated a separate withholding tax based on what she has earned with each company. If the IRS sent you less they will mail you a letter explaining it. It stands for Santa Barbara Tax Products Group or formally known as TPG. TPG took 6 months to return the funds to the IRS and gave me a Green DOT yet the IRS still hasnt received any funds from them what so ever. Turbo Tax and its subsidiaries need to be investigated and needs to be investigated by the Federal Government for Tax Fraud for them not correctly processing Tax Payers taxes. I filed 2012 taxes with turbo tax as I have for years. Where can I find forms? News, discussion, policy, and law relating to any tax - U.S. and International, Federal, State, or local. You'll decide how you want to receive your refund amount too. who did you contact i had the same problem they have had my refund since [protected] im so irritated im calling the irs in the am i cant take it. Ask for FREE. I received an unusual sum from "TAX PRODUCTS PE4 SBTPG LLC. Building on a legacy of nearly 20 years of industry leadership and superior customer support, TPG, in cooperation with our banking partners, provides fairly priced quality financial products which deliver true value and satisfy consumers needs. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. The debit card is issued by the Treasury Departments financial agent, MetaBank. It's past my refund date and I have yet to see my money with no explanation. He even told/asked me sarcastically if my TP's office is far from my house why is that so hard to go there to have it signed? TurboTax, H&R Block, and similar tax software provide an easy way of filing returns. And What is tax products pr1 sbtpg llc? You should try to contact your local IRS office and get things sorted out. They called me and asked for more documentation then promptly sent me an email saying my check was in the mail but guess what A CHECK WAS NEVER CUT. The remainder of your federal tax refund is then directly deposited into the account you stated on your federal tax return by SBTPG. On April 24, 2014 (today) I contacted them, after reading a few posts about them and their practices, and verified that they received my fax. Discover short videos related to tpg products sbtpg llc tubo tax on #sbtpg #turbotax #wheresmyrefund #taxseason2022 #irs #tpg #fyp . It is spam / self promotion. Contact Information Santa Barbara Tax Products Group. Then SBTPG's bank sends the rest of the Federal refund to your bank account. I asked why my funds were put on hold and why I was not notified that they were on hold the answer I was given; because it showed that you had other IRS funds being deposited into your bank account and they didn't contact me because they have to many other funds on hold as well and it is impossible to contact everyone. What to Look For When Choosing an Auditing Firm? The government uses taxes to finance projects essential for th. Santa Barbara Tax Products Group-they are the company that processes the refund whenever you choose to have your TurboTax fees deducted from your federal. What is tax products pe1 sbtpg LLC???????? However, many customers complained about not receiving an expected refund when using TPG and TurboTax. I used turbotax this year because I thought it would be more convenient. My refund was meant to be $1343. At years end 2022 TPG website no longer shows my refund on the site. Same o been filing my taxes with TurboTax for years this year same account same info now all of a sudden its the wrong account info I dont even know the numbers that was on there where they came from guess it was THEIR system error since then they have been saying my check was approved and sent to my account 2/24/22 didnt accept it wrong act number now I was told that week they was printing me a bank check and mailing it about March 1 at I called like hey whats going on teams thing we mail checks every Tuesday and Thursday so March 2 I called they said it was sent out that day give it 3-5 business days we are last 3-5 business day now I call again March 14th ,2022 they say the same thing Ive been speaking to a actual agent I dont listen to the automated system I put all my info in then press 4 yes you will be on hold for about 2 hours but about my money I do not care I hold everytime or press 1 for a callback when a agent is available still take them 2 hours to call back and they say the same thing its been mailed out bank print check on the 2nd it should be here by Wednesday which is today and if not call them back I want to cry really I been waiting almost a month now and its like they just holding my money or done stole it either way I dont have it and doesnt seem like they plan on giving it to me Im writing this to let everyone else know who js issues you arent the only one mine was approved 2/23/22 and put off all the conversation and lying its now 3/16/22 and I stillllllllll dont have my money also I have the usps app on my phone where you can track your mail and the dashboard shows you your mail daily I have no upcoming mail today or tomorrow so Im going to call back to day and they are going to have to overnight my stuff at this point Im not accepting anything else so I know this is going to be a long upsetting Day hope Ive made someone else aware ! So the total amount deducted from the tax refund would be the tax fee for TurboTax + the refund processing fee. So if you have the tax products pe1 reflecting on your bank account, you can get in here to find out what it means.

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